Transporting Cars with Items Inside

Moving is always an exciting, albeit chaotic period, and it extends far before you pick up a single box or bag. In fact, transportation alone can be the most complex portion of your move. When it comes time to Transporting Cars with Items Inside from your current home into your shiny new home, you don’t want to waste a moment of your precious time running in and out of the new place trying to get them all set.

Transporting Cars with Items InsideVehicles especially can become quickly cluttered, leading to unhappy surprises and lots of shuffling if not fully transported.

However, rules regarding car shipping with items inside can be a slippery slope.

Most transportation companies, including Moving Cars, allows for personal items in the car, but then they may also offer a more relaxed policy where they may allow “bundling” or some loose items. No matter what the case is, you need to be realistic about what can be packed inside a car planned for Car transport personal items

Basic Rules That Apply to Transporting Cars with Items Inside

Enlisted are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to cars with items inside:

1. Contents within the car must be “securely” packed away. This means you aren’t allowed to leave items just randomly inside the vehicle. In other words, everything must be packed within bags or boxes, and they must be fastened down, either with straps, tape, or other similar techniques.
2. Everything must be packed and placed securely in the boot area of your car. You are allowed to place boxes or bags in the back seat, but only if you are able to, and still do, safely fasten your seat belt over the boxes or bags.
3. The total weight of what you packed inside your vehicle must not exceed 80 kgs, or else additional fees may be added to your bill.
4. If anything makes your vehicle status unfit for shipping, you may be required to have the item removed. Moving Cars helps in this process, but it is the user who takes responsibility for the items that are removed from the vehicle.
5. Your items are your responsibility, and if one of your items is damaged during transit, you are responsible for the consequences.
6. If items are not packed and secured to the proper standards mentioned above, we will reject your shipping process.

We don’t want such a strict policy for nothing! Let’s be realistic – There are rules here to prevent cars from becoming unstable in transit as well as from sliding around cars that may result in scratches. So, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE RULES.

What’s Not Allowed with Interstate Car Transport with Goods:

Apart from the basic rules mentioned above, there are a few things that you should avoid when planning to have your car shipped with goods inside:
1. Dangerous Goods:
Cars are not meant to transport dangerous goods as they are not legally certified to carry such cargo. Additionally, some are just considered too fragile or flammable to transport via transportation companies. Moving Cars specifically does not allow the transportation of flammable substances, firearms, or explosives.

2. Perishable Goods:
Perishable goods are also not appropriate for use with car transportation and should be removed from the vehicle before shipping. These are goods that deteriorate quickly or can be expected to lose their freshness or flavor within a week or two after shipment. This includes, but is not limited to, foods, fruits, and plants.

3. Pot Plants and Live Item:
Regardless of how well you believe you can keep a plant alive; car shipping is just not the right place for live plants! For starters, most car shipping companies transport their vehicles in enclosed containers. As such, oxygen levels can become very minimal in enclosed containers.

Additionally, there is a very real chance of damage during transit leading to injury to the plant. Last but not least, most moving companies such as Moving Cars don’t carry any liability regarding living things. You will be responsible for any injury to or the death of such living things.

4. Common Sense and Courtesy:
Finally, if it’s just too big or too fragile to come along on the journey with you and your vehicle, Moving cars won’t allow you to load it into your vehicle! For obvious reasons. After all, transporting valuable, or really any, antique items or the large, fragile item is probably not the best idea! Instead of forking out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair or replace them, you should really just move them via professional movers.

Packing Your Car for Interstate Transport with Goods:

Is your head spinning from rules pertaining to Transporting Cars with Items Inside? Don’t worry; it’s pretty straightforward, actually! If you go through the points mentioned above, you will already have a solid grasp on what’s allowed to come along with you and what shouldn’t! But just in case that’s not enough, contact Moving Cars, and a friendly representative can assist you with the matter.